U N T I T L E D  D A T A

Untitled Data, 2017

Video, 04:30 minutes

It’s when I got there that I understood, but I think I knew before. The violet light was falling from the mallows in shreds, and I took a closer look at the tulip trees and I could see that... actually they had cotton spines that were dissolving from top to bottom.

And I could still hear him whistle “follow my gaze” but I don’t think it was possible to trust him anymore, no?


I wouldn’t take that risk -in case he invented it all. So I didn’t and then I couldn’t see. It was ok but... it all became a bit blurred and bluish.

I was like, trapped in ecstasy. And the bitter warmth tickled the back of my throat, just under the optical nerve. You know where the horses left the mark of their stone hoofs.

Do you think he knew? Do you think he knew what was happening down here?

The dogs had stopped barking, I think they felt it too.

They felt that the joy was turning into sharp supplicationsand his whistling into a soundless mourning. It all came to a heartbreaking standstill, like in the forests really far away- you know the one that do not exist because no one ever saw them?

Maybe that’s it -the start of everything. Maybe that story I told you the other day about the big glossy bauble and the shattered world? Maybe it just didn’t happen. I mean, it didn’t happen yet. Or maybe it’s continuously happening, I’m not sure.